The Meyer Way
Meyer Natural Foods

The Meyer Way is still the natural way.

Years of passion and commitment to authentic ranching practices have yielded returns that are quite simply a cut above the rest. All Meyer products are free from added hormones or antibiotics and are vegetarian fed. Some folks say we hold ourselves to a higher set of standards, we like to say that our steaks are simply made...The Meyer Way.TM

Meyer Natural Angus

Chefs and consumers who enjoy the superior taste and eating experience of Angus beef appreciate that Meyer Natural Angus is a brand of all-natural beef with Angus genetics offering the consistent renowned taste and tenderness of the Angus breed.

Meyer Natural Pork

Bred with a highly desirable Duroc heritage, our premium pork features exceptional marbling with rich and robust flavor. Each animal is raised as nature intended, including a crate free environment, to ensure consistent flavor and uncompromising quality. We carry the highest regard for each animal, which allows us to deliver a wholesome and premium product to your table.

Laura's Lean

Laura's Lean is lean and full of flavor, which makes it ideal for today's health-conscious, active consumers. Laura's Lean products contain less than 10 grams of fat per serving and are raised without antibiotics or added hormones, just the way that nature intended.

Dakota Grassfed Beef

For consumers seeking the best grass fed organic or grass fed all-natural beef, Dakota 100% Grass Fed is a brand of beef fed only grass and forage, from weaning to harvest. The cattle used for Dakota 100% Grass Fed never receive grain, added growth hormones or antibiotics at any time in their lives.

Local Harvest Beef

Local Harvest is a provider of local and regional beef products. As demand for local beef expands across retail and foodservice channels, Local Harvest will be there, dedicated to supporting the farmers and ranchers working in our communities.

"Doing what's right for our cattle and land is The Meyer WayTM. When we say natural, we mean truly natural with no compromises. This ethos comes through in the growing process, treatment of the animals, and ultimately produces a superior product. When you eat Meyer Natural Foods products, you become a part of the ranch experience."
Bob Meyer / Owner, Meyer Natural Foods
Bob Meyer